Friday, September 3, 2010

The Latest News

NSBR (non-scrap book related) alert!  

Two and a half short weeks ago we put an offer in a house up on Sanford Lake contingent on us selling our house.  The sellers accepted it.  So we put our house on the market, had a handful of showings, and even and Open House.  Two and a half weeks later we get a phone call saying that there was another offer on the house and that the people didn't have a house to sell.  So our offer was now off the table.  I got quite upset about it yesterday but am doing much better today.  When I feel myself getting upset, I say a little prayer.  It's funny too because I told myself that I wouldn't get upset if we didn't get this house....I guess I wanted it more than I really thought!

We had met the sellers, they learned about us, we showed them pics of the boys, talked about what we would do if we lived at that house.  They got to know us.  I know it's all business and none of that matters, but I'd like to think it does.  But it doesn't.  Their house sat on the market for over 400 days.  400 DAYS with no interest from anyone else but us.  We put an offer in and two weeks later someone else puts an offer in.  Another thing we learned is that the people who put an offer in, the lady is in a wheelchair.  It's a great one-level home for that, but she'll never use the lake - it's a big hill to get down to it.  We would have used the lake.  I keep telling myself that it just wasn't meant to be and God has something else in mind.  I have to trust in Him.

Our Realtor just left - she took down the sign in our yard.  She gave me a big hug and felt about as bad as I did that this all didn't work out.

On a bright note, our house looks amazing.  Toys put away behind closed doors, beds all made, laundry done, windows clean, siding on the house clean, stuff we have been meaning to do for awhile now is all done. Time to sit back and relax.


Will's Mom said...

Oh Jackie, I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you guys. Keep looking I'm sure the perfect house is out there for you guys!

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