Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, snow, and some more snow!

The snow started yesterday afternoon around 1:30 and didn't stop
 until after I went to bed last night (and I went to bed at midnight). 
All in all, we probably got about 5-7 inches of snow.  It's cold out
too - I have slippers on and my feet are still cold!  Tell me why I live
 in Michigan?  Anthony loved watching the snow fall yesterday. 
I caught him a couple times just looking out the windows at it. 

Thankfully, school was not cancelled.  Nathan really enjoys going to
 preschool (and so do I!).  I did have some fun though on the way
 to school - I am driving hubby's car for the weekend and I'm not
 used to driving it in snow.  It was a little different than my van. 
I am also thankful I don't have to go anywhere else today - hopefully
 the streets will plowed soon! 

Hubby is gone this weekend to the Detroit area for a curling event.
 If you don't know what curling is, check this out:  US Curling.  It rocks. 
Ha, just had to say that.  So......that means tonight after the boys go
to bed I'll have the entire house to myself to do whatever I want to
do.  I may just turn on some music and scrap my little heart away! 
Of course, after I do Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred.  I will be doing
Day 6, level 3. 

I hear someone waking from their nap....time to wrap this up!


Jessica said...

gosh all these snow photos are making me wish we had snow!! Love the photo of your son looking out. I probably have some like that of my kidss looking out at all the rain we get here LOL

Melissa said...

I can tell you why you live in Michigan if you can tell me why I live in WI. I hate snow too but yet it would be weird without it because I have lived in the north all my life!

Vanessa said...

That's so darling him looking out the window. My kids do that too. They love the snow.

What part of Michigan? We live down south of Ann Arbor. Close to Cabellas.

Jackie said...

Vanessa we're in Midland. My inlaws are in Adrian!

DawnMarch said...

I love the snow -- but only from a distance -- so I'm enjoying everyone's snow photos! Glad you could still get some pre-school time.

Lena said...

awww I love that profile piccie, so adorable!!!

Nonnie said...

What a beautiful picture of him looking at the snow! You are brave - we shut down the town here for a dusting of snow!

Traci Reed said...

level 3???? You're a better woman than me...LOL

Vanessa said...

Next time you guys are this way we'll have to get together for coffee at Starbucks in Adrian then.

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